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Bow & Bay Windows Add Room To Your Home

Bay and Bow.  What’s The Difference?

A bay window is a type of window with three openings. They usually have two smaller windows on either side, and the overall structure looks like an arched picture-window that juts out from the home’s exterior. A bow-window has four or five projections instead of just three; it also curves around for a rounded shape outside in contrast to the angular look created by bay windows.

The Benefits of Bow and Bay Windows


Protruding out from the side of your home, these windows are placed upon a curve to get that dramatic three dimensional effect. Both bay and bow windows will let in more natural light, increasing your view of the outdoors immensely.


By design, a bay or bow window will make your room appear to be larger. A standard window is just a flat pane of glass that is on the same plane as your wall, but a bay or boy creates an illusion of the whole space being larger because of its protruding shape. Add space or at least the illusion of it by utilizing a bay or bow window.


These windows can have a seat board at the base. This is great place to sit, relax and enjoy the view. These bay seats are a very attractive part of the interior of your home. Many people recall memories of sitting there and reading, laughing and dreaming.


As with any home repair or remodel, we need to think about its overall effect on our homes curb appeal and value. Adding a new bay or bow, or replacing an old one with a new vinyl replacement window will only increase both of these.

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