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Patio Doors

Sliding or French Doors


Choose From A Large Selection of Sliding and French Patio Doors

With patio doors, you can enjoy the outdoors while still having your own space. There are many styles available so come in and speak with us about which one is right for you!


Easy In and Easy Out

These doors add a beautiful touch to your home with their style and function. For too long, you’ve had to make the choice between functionality or beauty; patio doors can provide both.


Still Have Questions?

What type of patio door should you have on your patio?  French or sliding? Well, both doors have their own benefits. French doors offer more privacy because they come with two panels that slide across each other. Sliding doors do not include any solid material in them so they provide an open feel while allowing for maximum airflow. So if you want more privacy but also don’t mind sacrificing air flow then yes, go with French! However, if you prefer an open feeling where there is plenty of air circulating then go ahead and choose sliding!

Energy efficient patio doors can help you save money and keep your home comfortable.

Homeowners are often concerned about their home’s security. While a patio door offers an attractive option to let in the outdoors, homeowners may want more protection. High-security options can provide that extra layer of defense while preserving your view and letting you enjoy fresh air from inside as well.

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