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Specialty Windows

when you need something different from the ordinary

When Ordinary Windows Just Won't Do

There are many different shapes and sizes of specialty windows, which makes them a great way to make your home unique. At Replacement Window Center we provide you with several types of specialty windows that come in various lengths, widths, colors etc.

The Benefits of Specialty Windows

make dull areas lively

Because of their unique design and color, specialty windows are perfect for areas in your home that look dull, dark, and lifeless. Specialty windows are ideal for patio rooms, kitchen area, and the living room.

elevate your interior design

This benefit is purely aesthetic. And yet, beauty is its own reward—for those living in your house as well as for visitors and houseguests.


You can combine specialty windows with different types of windows. Because of their unique shapes, you can arrange them in beautiful configurations. A circle window flanked by smaller picture windows above your entry door looks very dramatic, for instance.

improve resale value

When you add specialty windows and doors, you add value to your home. Many discerning home buyers will pay your asking price if you have something unique about your home. Therefore, specialty windows can really pay off.

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