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Replacement Window Center has decades of experience in the window industry. Choose your window type below to get started!  

double hung

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double hung windows

The most popular window in the United States.
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sliding windows

Easy to open and close sliding windows make a great choice.
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casement windows

Easy to open in hard to reach places like behind the sink.
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bow & bay

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bow & bay windows

A great way to add extra space and light to your room. Or, add a seat for great memories.
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picture windows

When you have a picture perfect scene outside that you want a full view of inside.
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garden windows

When you want to add a distinctive look to your home. Even grow small plants in your window.
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awning windows

Give your home a contemporary look. You can open your windows without letting the rain inside.
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high wind windows

The perfect choice if you live in high wind zones such as the beach or top of a mountain top.
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specialty windows

When ordinary sized windows just won't do. We have a wide variety of specialty sized windows.
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Replacement Window Center Gives You Decades of Replacement Window Experience!

We have locations throughout the Carolina’s and continue to expand.  Find your nearest location now!

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We develop the best solutions for your window projects and offer assistance.

Our professional window planners have a unique creative vision of how your dream space will work the best for you.

  • We offer free in-home conultations

  • We provide personalized and attentive service to build relationships with our clients

  • We are constantly dedicated to excellence

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Why Choose Us?

Replacement Window Center has a long history in providing high-quality replacement windows to customers. Customers choose Replacement Windows because we are reliable and will go the extra mile for our clients if there is an issue with their purchase or installation.


Still Have Questions?

Yes!  Replacment Window Center proudly offers financing options allowing you to start enjoying your new windows right away.

Every job is different and depends on how many and the types of windows being installed.  However, a good rule of thumb is 1 to 2 days from start to finish.

Our window team will meet with you to discuss your best options.  We have decades of window experience and can give you the right advice.

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